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Pheromones Can Help You Attract Men

Did you know that copulin pheromones are believed to bring about a rapid increase in biochemicals which are partially responsible for the sex drive in men, thereby causing men to have heightened sexual attraction when exposed to them? They’re also suspected of releasing neurotransmitters that directly modify men’s behavior, such as triggering sexual interest and excitement in men.

Want to get that edge?

Unfortunately, not every woman produces the same amount of copulin pheromones and the normal day to day routine of showering and applying lotion can reduce or completely eliminate the copulin odor from your body.  Thankfully, synthetic  copulin pheromones produced in a lab can give similar benefits to the real thing, allowing you to poses an unfair advantage in attracting men.

Are you saying pheromones are love potions?

Unfortunately, pheromones are not love potions – they simply enhance appeal.  This means that if you are rude or unappealing, pheromones will not cause men to suddenly find you irresistibly attractive when wearing pheromones as many vendors falsely claim; however, because most women have some basic level of appeal, pheromones can help give you an unfair advantage in capturing the interest of men – and who doesn’t want  that?

Where can I find pheromones?

Luvessentials  offers meticulously blended  copulin pheromone products, including the acclaimed Scent of Eros for Women, which can help make men more attracted to you and ignite your love life. You can check out their product line below.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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