Scent of a woman: Men’s Testosterone Responses to Women's Scent

Miller and Maner (2009) helps to establish the link from human pheromones to behavior. It shows that human pheromones elicit changes in hormone levels. There’s a well detailed pathway to changes in testosterone (T) that starts with gene activation in hormone-secreting cells of hypothalamic tissue in the brain, which is the organ that controls our behavior. What this means is that human pheromones are chemicals found in our social environment that directly activate a gene-cell-tissue-organ-organ system pathway, which directly links pheromones to behavior.

Scent of a Woman (from Psychological Science)
by Saul L. Miller and Jon K. Maner
“The current research provides evidence that ovulatory cues are detectable via chemosensory signaling and, moreover, that these cues are linked with functionally relevant endocrinological responses in men.”

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