The tipping point (revisited): 95K (5)

Thanks to the overwhelming ignorance of biologically uniformed and terrified theorists, today’s number of my 28-day profile visits is reduced 63.3% and mentions are reduced 63.4%.

Theorists seem to hate me:

See why: Stable suppression of gene expression by short interfering RNAs targeted to promoter in a mouse embryonal carcinoma stem cell line 9/25/10

Yesterday, all serious scientists again learned that the Creation of endogenously expressed miRNAs (light-activated endogenous substrates) causes the degradation of complementary messenger RNA, which biophysically constrains viral latency. Stable suppression of gene expression by short interfering RNAs was cited in:

Cancer’s epigenetic drugs: where are they in the cancer medicines? 12/10/19

Without the light-activated Creation of replacement miRNAs, viruses cause the degradation of mRNA in all living genera. That links the patent for naturally occurring RNA interference to limited energy-dependent growth in all living genera and to the prevention of all diseases.

ICYMI: These 3 patents link the electron transport chain from food energy and pheromones to biophysically constrained virus-driven pathology.

1) Methods and compositions for identifying a peptide having an intermolecular interaction with a target of interest

2) RNA-Guided Human Genome Engineering 

3) Pheromones and the luteinizing hormone for inducing proliferation of neural stem cells and neurogenesis

So do these game for ages 10 to 14+
Virus Expansion

See also: New Laser Technique Images Quantum World in a Trillionth of a Second 12/10/19

Carbon-based electronics is a growing industry…

SARCASM ALERT: The carbon-based life industry was replaced by textbook claims about Mutation-driven evolution. (6/14/13)

Laws of Biology / Darwin’s “conditions of life” must be salvaged from Nutrient-dependent/pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution: a model (6/14/13).

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