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On 8/8/19, I gave Ethan Siegel the chance to apologize for his displays of overwhelming ignorance, which led to claims about dark matter in organized human genomes. His pseudoscientific nonsense prevents others from learning about how the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA is linked to mass killings and suicides via energy-dependent changes in one base pair and one amino acid substitution, COMT Val158Met. The viruses steal the energy. The virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA causes all diseases.

James Kohl:

Waiting for you to admit how wrong you have been about “dark matter.”

Starts With A Bang

Do your trolling elsewhere, James. I do not exist for you to take your anger out on

After he refused to apologize for touting pseudoscientific nonsense about dark matter in the context of all the energy that automagically emerged from nothing and somehow led to his ability to explain every aspect of Scientific Creationism via his fairy godmother approach, I decided to take Ethan Siegel’s ridiculous theories and put them into the context of the “little blue fairy’s” fairy godmother, “…who waves a wand and ‘poof,’ ‘poof,’ ‘poof,’ everything simple is transformed into something more complex and interesting,”

The ability to link ecologically relevant “magic traits” to all extant biodiversity without a “magic wand” is linked to the abilities of serious scientists who start with the energy-dependent: Spontaneous formation and base pairing of plausible prebiotic nucleotides in water 4/25/16

…nucleotide formation and selection may have been robust processes on the prebiotic Earth, if other nucleobases preceded those of extant life.

If energy was not required for the formation of nucleobases that preceded those of extant life, we could turn to this reminder of what other science journalists who ignored the fact about the Creation of energy have claimed  see: Quantum common sense 6/21/17

To turn quantum to classical, we don’t need a conscious mind to measure or look; we just need an environment full of stuff. With or without us, the Universe is always looking.

See for comparison: Feynman on food energy  (video) and The Dynamical Emergence of Biology From Physics: Branching Causation via Biomolecules

Intelligent causation occurs when organisms engage in deduction, enabling prediction and planning. This is possible because ion channels enable action potentials to propagate in axons. The further key feature is that such branching biological behavior acts down to cause the underlying physical interactions to also exhibit a contextual branching behavior.

Biologically uninformed science idiots have a history of ignoring the facts that link intelligent causation from the creation of food energy to healthy longevity and the fact that the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA has been linked to all pathology.

See also: Viruses are a dominant driver of protein adaptation in mammals 5/17/16

We conservatively estimate that viruses have driven close to 30% of all adaptive amino acid changes in the part of the human proteome conserved within mammals. Our results suggest that viruses are one of the most dominant drivers of evolutionary change across mammalian and human proteomes.

Protein adaptation is not an indicator of virus-driven evolutionary change. Ecological adaptations are energy as information-dependent and the energy must be linked from the physiology of reproduction to biophysically constrained viral latency via the physiology of reproduction.

See:  Putting bacteria to work 7/20/18

These methods enable scientists to quantitatively measure how collect , store that information and use it to interact with their environments.

The researchers focused on Pseudomonas fluorescens, a soil bacterium that colonizes roots and protects plants from various nutrient stresses and pathogens.

For comparison, see:  Maximum Entropy (Most Likely) Double Helical and Double Logarithmic Spiral Trajectories in Space-Time 7/25/19

These simple analytical calculations are quantitative examples of the application of the Second Law of Thermodynamics as expressed in geometric entropy terms. They are underpinned by a comprehensive entropic action (“exertion”) principle based upon Boltzmann’s constant as the quantum of exertion.

Boltzmann constant:

relates the average relative kinetic energy of particles in a gas with the temperature of the gas[3] and occurs in Planck’s law of black-body radiation and in Boltzmann’s entropy formula.

Black-body radiation:

the thermal electromagnetic radiation within or surrounding a body in thermodynamic equilibrium with its environment, emitted by a black body (an idealized opaque, non-reflective body). It has a specific spectrum and intensity that depends only on the body’s temperature, which is assumed for the sake of calculations and theory to be uniform and constant.[1][2][3][4]

Natura non facit saltus

The principle expresses the idea that natural things and properties change gradually, rather than suddenly. In a mathematical context, this allows one to assume that the solutions of the governing equations are continuous, and also does not preclude their being differentiable (differentiability implies continuity). Modern day quantum mechanics is sometimes seen as violating the principle, with its idea of a quantum leap.[5] Erwin Schrödinger in his objections to quantum jumps supported the principle, and initially developed his wave mechanics in order to remove these jumps.

In the biological context, the principle was used by Charles Darwin and others to defend the evolutionary postulate that all species develop from earlier species through gradual and minute changes rather than through the sudden emergence of new forms. Modern evolutionary biology has terminology suggesting both continuous change, such as genetic drift, and discontinuous variation, such as mutation. However, as the basic structure of DNA is discrete, nature is now widely understood to make jumps at the biological level, if only on a very small scale.

All the small-scale changes were reported in the context of the weekend resurrection of the bacterial flagellum in P. fluorescens. The fact that natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality links light-activated information storage in P. fluorescens and naturally occurring fluorescence in supercoiled DNA and to biophysically constrained viral latency via the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction reared its ugly head in:

For the historical perspective on the energy-dependent weekend evolution of an irreducibly complex structure that does not require dark energy-dependent quantum leaps, see:

Phosphorylation, oligomerization and self-assembly in water under potential prebiotic conditions 11/6/17

…higher-order structures (oligonucleotides, peptides and liposomes) are formed under the same phosphorylation reaction conditions. This plausible prebiotic phosphorylation process under similar reaction conditions could enable the systems chemistry of the three classes of (pre)biologically relevant molecules and their oligomers…

This was reported as: Scientists find potential ‘missing link’ in chemistry that led to life on Earth (see the partial quote above)

“It reminds me of the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, who waves a wand and ‘poof,’ ‘poof,’ ‘poof,’ everything simple is transformed into something more complex and interesting,” Krishnamurthy said.

See also: Kepler’s Forgotten Ideas about Symmetry Could Explain Spiral Galaxies Without the Need for Dark Matter 8/8/19

…we don’t actually need dark matter after all. According to our model, the galactic entropy gives rise to such a large quantity of additional energy that it modifies the observed dynamics of the galaxy – making stars at the edge move faster than expected. This is exactly what dark matter was meant to explain. The energy isn’t directly observable as mass, but its presence is certainly supported by the astronomical observations – explaining why dark matter searches have so far found nothing.

The vindication of Kepler eliminates all the pseudoscientific nonsense about dark matter and quantum leaps. Ethan Siegel is not going to apologize for touting that nonsense. He knows that many other biologically uninformed theorists assumed that dark matter was the link from quantum jumps to gradual changes in organisms that evolved across millions of years. Did the dark matter finally lead to changes across mammalian and human proteomes?

There has never been a need for intelligent people to ask questions like that. Either they start with the Creation of sunlight or they view the outcomes of energy-dependent reactions in the context of biophysically constraints in the context of Modeling the Pseudomonas Sulfur Regulome by Quantifying the Storage and Communication of Information 6/19/18

Simply put, energy as information predicts outcomes in P. fluorescens and the weekend evolution of the bacterial flagellum links the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction across kingdoms from mate selection in sexually differentiated cell types of yeasts to human populations exemplified by the Hutterites.

See for review: From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior (1996) and Genomic Instability and Catalase Gene Amplification Induced by Chronic Exposure to Oxidative Stress (1998)

Catalase testing links oxidative stress to effects on the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA that are now being measured in the context of differences in fluorescence that link energy-dependent changes from angstroms to ecosystems in this model of cell type differentiation.

See also: Nutrient-dependent Pheromone-Controlled Ecological Adaptations: From Angstroms to Ecosystems 4/18/18 and this presentation on how the National Microbiome Initiative has been linked to the Precision Medicine via the eternal significance of the light-activated creation of microRNAs and the assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex.


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