The end of human evolution: Ecological adaptations (2)

Sunday Book Review

Missing Links

‘Neanderthal Man,’ by Svante Paabo


Excerpt:  “He argues that the Neanderthal genome can serve as a counterpoint to our own. It enables Paabo and his colleagues to draw up a list of mutations that our ancestors acquired after they split from Neanderthals.”

My comment: In Reconstructing the DNA Methylation Maps of the Neandertal and the Denisovan, he argues — with co-authors — that differences in methylation “…will help to uncover the epigenetic basis for phenotypic differences between present-day and archaic humans…” Difference in methylation are nutrient-dependent. That means the missing link of human diversity is the olfactory/pheromonal link from the epigenetic landscape to the physical landscape of DNA in the organized genomes of species from microbes to man. That missing link between nutrient-dependent natural genetic engineering and pheromone-controlled species diversity eliminates evolution attributed to mutations, and makes ecological variation responsible for ecological adaptations.

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Author: James Kohl

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