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Human Pheromones enhance desire; they do not create it!

Like adding spice to your favorite food, human pheromone-enhanced products increase your natural appeal. Marketing claims that guarantee you will get more sex are unscientific and unrealistic. If you are unappealing, human pheromones cannot magically make you appealing. However, human pheromones work because nearly everyone is somewhat appealing, and human pheromones enhance your natural appeal.

Established in 1996, when human pheromone research was in its infancy, this site serves as a comprehensive information resource for general and for scientific knowledge. No other domain provides you with all the latest information about human pheromones.

Since 2001, this site has also contained links to Scent of Eros pheromone-enhanced products as well as other similar products:

Scented for Men
Scented for Women
Unscented pheromones

The Scent of Eros product line is a product line that is supported by substantiated claims and research results, which are now being replicated through independent studies.

Other commercial interests in the concept of human pheromones have led to blatantly inaccurate claims that have no scientific support, and thus must rely on links to mass media ‘news’ reports. The “sixth sense” and any indication that human pheromones activate the non-functional human vomeronasal organ (VNO) are red flags. Current scientific information has shown that the VNO/sixth sense approach to human pheromones is merely a marketing ploy.

Need more information on pheromones and their effects? Please review the various articles below to learn more about the science behind of pheromones and to find quality human pheromone-enhanced products supported by a money back guarantee.

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