#SFN2019 to 2012: Hiding the facts (4)

I’m building a network of serious scientists who are attending the Society for Neuroscience 2019 Annual meeting to eliminate nonsense touted by biologically uninformed theorists who failed to link the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex to all biodiversity via the physiology of reproduction and biophysically constrained viral latency. The twitter hastags and are linked to many of my tweets.


miR-124 ameliorates depressive-like behavior by targeting STAT3 to regulate microglial activation

Stress alters microRNA-mediated microglial activation via the proliferation of viruses that has been linked to all pathology.

Diverse roles of noncoding RNAs in vascular calcification

…we summarize the roles of various noncoding RNAs in vascular calcification and the technologies to modulate the noncoding RNAs for therapeutic purpose.

For examples of how light-activated microRNA biogenesis in plants has been linked to the patented cure for cancer and RNA interference, which prevents all virus-driven pathology, see:

ICYMI On 10/19/16 “Simultaneous Translation & Degradation of RNA Occurs in Plants” was reported outside the context of how the Creation of sunlight and water links microRNA biogenesis to the physiology of reproduction and all biodiversity on Earth.

For comparison, see from 3/30/16

If you missed Session 411 – Fear and Aversive Learning and Memory: Circuits I Overexpression of microRNA-33 in the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis blocks state-dependent learning of contextual fear in rats attend Session 535 – Neurodevelopmental Disorders: 535.02 – Sex differences in microRNA expression… to learn more about the so-called “New Molecular Mechanisms.”

Dave Vago Research Director, Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, Vanderbilt Univ. linked “preconfigured dictionaries” to the so-called “New Molecular Mechanisms.”

He wrote:

#GyorgyBuzsaki gave one of the best talks I’ve seen on brain dynamics at #sfn2019. Implications for space/time cells and brain networks are “preconfigured dictionaries”

For comparison: Space and time: The hippocampus as a sequence generator 10/1/19 by Gyӧrgy Buzsáki and David Tingley

…hippocampal operations can be described by sequential activity of neuronal assemblies and their internally defined rate of change without resorting to the concept of space or time.

There is obviously an internally defined rate of change. It was placed into the context of the space-time continuum in 2017.

I responded: #SFN19 @SFN2019

Who didn’t know that? Olfaction Warps Visual Time Perception The sense of smell in bacteria was linked to our visual perception of energy and mass via biophysical constraints on the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction.

This question arose:

How did Harvard trained Nathaniel T. Jeanson become a vocal young earth creationist compared to neo-Darwinian theorist Johannes Kohl. Doesn’t Catherine Dulac enforce teaching facts about energy-dependent microRNA-mediated cell type differentiation?

Mitocondria, a research assistant wrote:

Just heard at a presidential talk at #SfN2019 that there’s 27,000 attendees this year. Woah. That’s a lot of people contributing to the pursuit of knowledge in the neurosciences.

I responded

One may link the Creation of sunlight and water to oxygen-dependent microRNA-mediated ecological adaptations via the creation of ATP and biophysically constrained viral latency, or everyone will again leave with no relevant information for future studies.

See: microRNA Items: 1 to 92756

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