Pheromones, reproduction, love, neurogenesis

Reproduction: A New Venue for Studying Function of Adult Neurogenesis?
pp. 21-35(15)  Cell Transplantation, Volume 20, Number 1 Authors: Lau, Benson Wui-Man; Yau, Suk-Yu; So, Kwok-Fai

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Abstract: Adult neurogenesis has been a focus within the past few years because it is a newly recognized form of neuroplasticity that may play significant roles in behaviors and recovery process after disease. Mammalian adult neurogenesis could be found in two brain regions: hippocampus and subventricular zone (SVZ). While it is well established that hippocampal neurogenesis participates in memory formation and anxiety, the physiological function of SVZ neurogenesis is still under intense investigation. Recent studies disclose that SVZ neurogenesis is under regulation of reproductive cues like pheromones. Reciprocally, the newborn neurons may exert their effect on reproductive and maternal behaviors. This review discusses recent understanding of the interrelationship between neurogenesis and reproduction. The studies highlighted in this review illustrate the potential importance of neurogenesis in reproductive function and will provide new insights for the significance of adult neurogenesis.

From the conclusion: Experiment from different species demonstrated the regulatory effects of pheromones and sexual interaction on brain neurogenesis; however, the functional significance of new neurons in reproduction needs to be further clarified.

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