Pheromones and the adaptive evolution of lying

Nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution of lying.

Evolution of lying by Rob Brooks, The Conversation May 17, 2013

Excerpt: “Cooperation makes it possible for some individuals to cheat, prospering off the cooperative efforts of others. Cooperate too readily and you might get taken for a ride. Cooperate only grudgingly and you don’t reap the benefits of working together.”

My comment: Their theoretical model appears to have its factual/ biological basis in eco-evolutionary trajectories at the unicellular level of molecular mechanisms for survival of the species. See for example: Feedback between Population and Evolutionary Dynamics Determines the Fate of Social Microbial Populations.

Abstract except: “We directly visualize eco-evolutionary trajectories of hundreds of populations over 50–100 generations, allowing us to characterize the phase space describing the interplay of evolution and ecology in this system. Small populations collapse despite continual evolution towards increased cooperative allele frequencies; large populations with a sufficient number of cooperators “spiral” to a stable state of coexistence between cooperator and cheater strategies.”

Our existence may be equally dependent on liars and cheating, as indicated. However, this may make it no easier to tolerate the lies of your boss, co-workers, family or friends. Ultimately, co-operation with liars ends, although for most people it does not end soon enough. In part, that explains why everything ends badly. If it didn’t end badly, it wouldn’t end.

Author: James Kohl

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