Patented Creation vs Evolution of Disease (3)

Patented Creation vs Evolution of Disease (2)

What is life when it is not protected from virus driven entropy (video) 3/30/16

The unnecessary suffering and premature death caused by biologically uninformed science idiots who tout neo-Darwinian evolutionary theory and Big Bang cosmology is about to end, two decades after discovery of the cell death gene mentioned in Reduced Expression of Brain-Enriched microRNAs in Glioblastomas Permits Targeted Regulation of a Cell Death Gene 9/2/11

Historical perspective:

Posterity will one day laugh at the foolishness of modern materialistic philosophers. The more I study nature, the more I stand amazed at the work of the Creator. I pray while I am engaged at my work in the laboratory. — Louis Pasteur (1902)

A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it. — Max Planck

Every great scientific truth goes through three stages. First, people say it conflicts with the Bible. Next they say it has been discovered before. Lastly they say they always believed it. — Louis Agassiz

In 2017, I met and became friends with a man who claimed to be a Harvard and MIT trained physicist. I was amazed when he told me that he was among those who discovered the death gene when he was working for Abcam in the 1990s.

It did not make sense to me that the discovery was virtually ignored. It took less than 5 minutes for me to find that report from 9/2/11 (above) that confirmed his claim.

How long would it take you to find more than 92,000 other reports that the ‘Proof of concept” from researchers in Israel, is the link to decades of unnecessary suffering and premature death that was reported as: Targeting regulator of mitochondrial cell death delivers anticancer activity?

Where did the facts to support their claims come from?

See: microRNA  items 1 – 92,212

For example: Studying Interactions between 2′-O-Me-Modified Inhibitors and MicroRNAs Utilizing Microscale Thermophoresis 8/28/19

microscale thermophoresis (MST)…could be utilized for obtaining kinetic binding data of the Argonaute-2 protein with a miRNA, which showed a possible RNA-induced silencing complex (RISC)-mediated turnover of inhibited miRNAs.

The question arises: Can you trust biologically uninformed science idiots to tell you the scientific truth about the Creation of light-activated energy-dependent differences in the miRNA/mRNA balance before and/or after the scientific truth has repeatedly been revealed them to during the past 117 years by serious scientists?

If not. Who can you trust? Do you believe that de Vries definition of mutation was ever linked from natural selection to evolution by serious scientists?

If so, see: Regulation of cardiac stem cells by microRNAs: State-of-the-art

~92K “…studies have… shown that…microRNAs… play a substantial role in regulating and controlling both the physiological and pathological proliferation and differentiation of stem cells.”

Previously, researchers from Iran asked. Why have microRNA biomarkers not been translated from bench to clinic? 1/17/19

Apparently, except for cancer researchers from Israel who announced the forthcoming cure for cancer on 1/28/19, no one wanted to link light-activated microRNA biogenesis to prevention of cancer — until yesterday.


See also: Antigen-antibody reactions recapitulate the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide #nanocomplex, which also links the Creation of water to supercoiled DNA and protection from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA, which links mutations to all diseases.

See also: The #Creation of #sunlight and #water link the #thermodynamics and #kinetics of #polymerisation from #chemogenetic #kinetics and minerals in clay to the light-activated endogenous substrates of all cell types, which prevent the #virus-driven #degradation of #mRNA.

For comparison: Genome editing retraces the evolution of toxin resistance in the monarch butterfly 10/2/19

Identifying the genetic mechanisms of adaptation requires the elucidation of links between the evolution of DNA sequence, phenotype, and fitness1.

Reported in one of my trade publications, “Lab Manager” as:

CRISPRed Fruit Flies Mimic Monarch Butterfly—and Could Make You Puke Scientists recreate in flies the mutations that let monarch butterflies eat toxic milkweed with impunity. 10/3/19

“This helps answer the question, ‘Why does convergence evolve sometimes, but not other times?'” Whiteman said. “Maybe the constraints vary. That’s a simple answer, but if you think about it, these three mutations turned a Drosophila protein into a monarch one, with respect to cardenolide resistance. That’s kind of remarkable.”

No serious scientists believe that the biophysical constraints vary or that three mutations were required to link what organisms eat from ecological variation to ecological adaptations via the physiology of reproduction in all living genera. Academics at Berkeley exemplify the epic failure to use common sense, (i.e., olfaction) to link light-activated microRNA biogenesis from the Creation of ATP, RNA, and enzymes to the biogenesis of diversity across kingdoms via the physiology of reproduction.

Author: James Kohl

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