Natural scent of women linked to increased testosterone and seduction

Scent of Eros for women was formulated by James V. Kohl and it contains the active ingredients that Jutte and Grammer showed increased testosterone levels in men whose ratings of women’s photographs increased when they were exposed to the mixture.

2010 This news article discusses the demonstration of a sexually-relevant hormone response to the natural body odor of women, and may help to sustain interest in the use of pheromone-enhanced fragrance products for women. 2010 Women’s natural scent more seductive than perfume.  Here’s the link to the article abstract.  “…olfactory cues signaling women’s levels of reproductive fertility were associated with specific endocrinological responses in men–responses that have been linked to sexual behavior and the initiation of romantic courtship.”

2011 This news article suggests that women might gain a subtle competitive advantage by using pheromone-enhanced products that make them smell younger and more fertile.  The threatening scent of fertile women. Here’s a link to the full text of the article:  2011 “…subtle cues of fertility led to a cascade of mating-related processes–from lower order cognition to overt behavior–that reflected heightened mating motivation. Implications for theories of goal pursuit, romantic attraction, and evolutionary psychology are discussed.”

Also, see  Kohl,  Atzmueller, Fink and Grammer (2001) for the full text of an award winning review on the topic of human pheromones.

Author: jim