Light and life-sucking black holes (3)

A universal trend of amino acid gain and loss in protein evolution (2/10/2005)

Amino acid composition of proteins varies substantially between taxa and, thus, can evolve.

Serious scientists dismiss this circular logic and all claims that link ‘evolution’ to genetic variation.  Natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality links the pheromone-controlled physiology of reproduction to biophysically constrained ecological adaptations via DNA repair. That is why the amino acid composition of proteins varies.

Serious scientists know how to link facts about RNA-mediated cell type differentiation to biophysically constrained gene regulation.

See: From Fertilization to Adult Sexual Behavior (1996)

Increasingly the structure and timings within the nucleus are realized as contributing to gene expression regulation (Manders, Stap, Strackee, van Driel, and Aten, 1996; Stein, Stein, Lian, van Wijnen, and Montecino, 1996).

Moving forward: Codon Optimality Is a Major Determinant of mRNA Stability (2015)

Genome-wide RNA decay analysis revealed that stable mRNAs are enriched in codons designated optimal, whereas unstable mRNAs contain predominately non-optimal codons.

Reported as: Researchers find hidden meaning and ‘speed limits’ within genetic code (3/12/15)

Serious scientists do not find hidden meaning in the genetic code. They look at what is known about how the sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy is linked to the creation of the genetic code at every level of biological organization.

Serious scientists found this: Codon identity regulates mRNA stability and translation efficiency during the maternal-to-zygotic transition (2016)

…it is likely that this code integrates multiple inputs of translation from tRNA availability and accuracy (Akashi, 1994; Ishimura et al, 2014; Hussmann et al, 2015), tRNA modification (Gustilo et al, 2008; Novoa et al, 2012), to peptide bond formation, amino acid identity, and other factors influencing the translocation rate and ultimately elongation (Baragana et al,
2015; Faller et al, 2015).

Food energy-dependent biophysical constraints on differences in the microRNA/messenger RNA balance link the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex to ecological adaptations in all living genera.

For example, in all mammals, Milk exosomes are bioavailable and distinct microRNA cargos have unique tissue distribution patterns (7/27/18)

When synthetic, fluorophore-labeled microRNAs were transfected into bovine milk exosomes and administered to mice, distinct species of microRNAs demonstrated unique distribution profiles and accumulated in intestinal mucosa, spleen, liver, heart or brain.

For a link from plants to insects and milk exosomes in mammals, see: miRNA-Mediated Interactions in and between Plants and Insects (10/24/18)

…in plant-insect interactions, both plants and insects use miRNAs to regulate their biological processes, as well as co-opting each others’ miRNA systems. In this review article, we discuss the current paradigms of miRNA-mediated cellular regulation and provide examples of plant-insect interactions that utilize this regulation.

For a link from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA to the mutations that cause all pathology see:

See also: MicroRNA Shuttle from Cell-To-Cell by Exosomes and Its Impact in Cancer (3/21/19)

…the biogenesis of both exosomes and miRNAs together with the movement of such structures between cells. The possible roles of miRNAs in the development and progression of breast, ovarian and prostate cancers are discussed.

Summary: Light-activated microRNA biogenesis in plants has been linked from the genesis of genetic variation to biophysically constrained viral latency and the prevention of all pathology.

Given all the facts that link the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex to ecological adaptations, pseudoscientists were forced to ask:

Why hasn’t evolution dealt with the inefficiency of ageing? 4/10/19

For evolution to occur, there must first be genetic variation…

The pseudoscientists want others to continue to focus on genetic variation instead of learning what causes the energy-dependent variation. Indeed, if you ask a pseudoscientist why the amino acid composition of proteins varies with what organisms eat you might be directed to this ridiculous perspective on quantum physics.

Quantum common sense (6/21/17)

To turn quantum to classical, we don’t need a conscious mind to measure or look; we just need an environment full of stuff. With or without us, the Universe is always looking.

…the quantum theory of measurement can be thought of as nothing less than a ‘theory of common sense’.

The measurements were linked from the ‘theory of common sense’ to the claims about evolution and the inefficiency of aging on 4/10/19 via news about the imaginary imagery of the black hole. The so-called theory of common sense starts with a Big Bang (the emergence of energy) and ends with a light and life-sucking black hole. That’s why the imaginary imagery of the black hole is so important. Without it, theorists have nothing to support their ridiculous theories. Have fun watching them try to support their ridiculous theories with imaginary imagery,

Ask Ethan: How Does Very-Long-Baseline Interferometry Allow Us To Image A Black Hole? 4/13/19

The light-gathering power [of a life-sucking black hole] is just determined by the area of the individual dishes all added together; that doesn’t change. But the resolution it can achieve is determined by the distance between the dishes. That’s how it can achieve [photoshopped] resolutions down to just a few milli-arc-seconds, or resolutions of 1/300,000th of a degree.

A milliarcsecond is A unit of angle equal to one thousandth of an arcsecond (used especially in astronomy)

The measurement of angles in degrees doe not link the creation of sunlight from energy-as-information in subatomic particles of light to thermodynamic cycles of protein biosynthesis and degradation and to all biophysically constrained life on Earth.  Instead, the measurement of angles was linked to the distance of the black hole from Earth and to the life-sucking energy of the black hole via ridiculous theories.

Clearly, theorists must invent more ridiculous theories and try to support them with evidence — even if they must photo-shop the ‘evidence’ of their so-called black hole.

For comparison, George Church continues to sneak up from behind the theorists to deliver a billion dollar baby in therapy before more serious scientists learn that RNA interference naturally occurs. Providentially, theoretical physicists and so-called science journalists who reported on the imaginary imagery of the black hole forced George M. Church and others to report what all serious scientists already know about energy-dependent biophysically constrained RNA interference- immediately after the April Fools Day notice of the black hole imagery on 4/1/19.

See: Daisy-chain gene drives for the alteration of local populations (4/2/19)

…daisy-drive approaches may become a foundational technique for local ecological engineering.

If so, the ecological engineering will continue to be altered by energy.  George Church and others are masters of obfuscation.  But see the patent for naturally occurring RNA interference.

RNA-Guided Human Genome Engineering (2015)

5. Repetitive elements or endogenous viral elements can be targeted with engineered Cas+gRNA systems in microbes, plants, animals, or human cells to reduce deleterious transposition or to aid in sequencing or other analytic genomic/transcriptomic/proteomic/diagnostic tools (in which nearly identical copies can be problematic).

All serious scientists know how to link the sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy to ecological adaptations via biophysical constraints on viruses and all serious scientists also know how to link UV light to constraints on the creation of new galaxies.

Only pseudoscientists and other biologically uninformed theorists continue to tout the nonsense about the emergence of energy and mutation-driven evolution in the years after serious scientists reported on “Combating Evolution to Fight Disease.”

Linking the emergence of energy-as-information to the loss of information that gets sucked into a black hole may be the most foolish example of human idiocy that serious scientists and other creationists will see because pseudoscientists wanted others to see their photo-shopped imaginary imagery of a light energy-sucking black hole created via an algorithm.

See for comparison:

For example: The human idiocy of using different measurements of energy for the same thing recently reared its ugly head.

On 4/14/19, Boneless Gen Tso Wings were available at Wal-Mart in Blue Ridge, Georgia with this information: 8 oz; 640 calories.

I asked for 8 oz, and the woman behind the counter told me: “I have no idea how to measure 8 oz. of the chicken.”

I changed my order to 6 pieces. They weighed 0.505 pounds (8 oz) with an expected calorie count of 640.

I do not blame anyone who is not a theoretical physicist for their inability to link the nutritional value (640 calories) of the boneless wings to their weight in ounces/0.505 lbs.

I spent $5.98/lb and I paid $3.02, but the experience and example of theorist’s idiocy was priceless. Thank God, the 640 calories were not measured in inverse Fermis.

Moving forward. George Church and others may never reveal the fact that the calorie content of food must be linked from RNAi to healthy longevity or from the virus-driven degradation of mRNA to all pathology. But the facts about biophysically constrained viral latency won’t change.

Author: James Kohl

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