Light and life-sucking black holes (2)

Ethan Siegel may be the first to have responded, without attribution, to my claims in Light and life-sucking black holes (1)

See: Could All Our Scientific Knowledge Come Tumbling Down Like A House Of Cards?

In an expanding universe, however, we receive fewer photons-per-second as time goes on because they have to travel greater distances as the Universe expands, and the energy is also reduced by the redshift. Even factoring in galaxy evolution results in a changing surface brightness that’s fainter at great distances, consistent with what we see.

The fact that unseen ultraviolet (UV) light physically constrains the creation of new galaxies was first reported as: A measurement of the z = 0 UV background from Hα fluorescence (2/17/17)

Ethan Siegel concludes:

Our leading theories of today aren’t wrong, they’re just incomplete. It’s only by replacing them with something that succeeds where the present theory both works and doesn’t work that science advances in any meaningful way.

All theories that were based on what people could see are wrong because they are incomplete. That’s why they are called theories. If they were complete, the conclusion from the measurement of fluorescence would already have been linked to the prevention of all virus-driven pathology via facts about biophysically constrained protein folding chemistry.

See: Universe’s ultraviolet background could provide clues about missing galaxies (3/21/17)

Simulations show that there should be more small galaxies in the Universe, but UV radiation essentially stopped them from developing by depriving them of the gas they need to form stars.

The pseudoscientific nonsense touted by Big Bang cosmologists and neo-Darwinian theorists was eliminated more than 2 years ago, and so-called expert theoretical physicists still seem to be largely unaware of what happened.  That’s meaningful and also laughable. It’s why people like Richard Feynman referred to the human idiocy of theoretical physicists.

It’s why this group performed in this parody of all theorist’s overwhelming ignorance:

It’s why intelligent serious scientists start with what chemists know.

It’s why I used light-tracking in Brugmansia (Angel Trumpets)  to support the claims of all serious scientists who have linked energy-dependent changes from angstroms to ecosystems in all living genera via biophysically constrained viral latency.

See also:

RNA interference has since been linked from the measurement of fluorescence to all biophysically constrained biodiversity on Earth via changes in the microRNA/messenger RNA balance.


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