Liberals and theorists cause gun violence (1)

Big data study identifies drugs that increase risk of psychosis in youth with ADHD

A child treated with amphetamine is twice as likely as a child treated with methylphenidate to become psychotic. The link to mass murders and to suicide is energy-dependent change in an enzyme linked to one base pair and one amino acid substitution:

See: Oppositional COMT Val158Met effects on resting state functional connectivity in adolescents and adults

…a functional single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in COMT (G-to-A base-pair substitution) leading to a methionine (Met) valine (Val) substitution at codons 108/158 (COMT Val158Met). Carriers of the Met allele have been found to display a fourfold decrease in enzymatic activity compared to Val allele carriers going along with an increase of prefrontal DA activity (Lachman et al. 1996; Lotta et al. 1995).

Non-invasive testing as an adult showed that I have a decreased response to Focalin and Ritalin, and an altered response to opioids.

Taken together, this means that the last thing anyone should do is present a threat to someone I love, especially if I have had any alcohol to drink.

That is why I rarely drink alcohol. I also have a low tolerance for drunks and physicians who treat children with drugs without testing them for the potential of reactions that cause psychosis, school shootings, other gun violence and suicide.

What then can be said about liberals and theorists who believe that gun control might save lives?

Feynman presciently claimed they are examples of human idiocy.

I claim their ignorance causes gun violence and suicides.



Author: James Kohl

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