Information Wars started by medical practitioners (2)

Historical perspective:

Mohammad Saad Zaghloul Salem has arrived late to the Creationist’s party and he failed to join the serious scientists who are Combating Evolution to Fight Disease.  I will continue to use him as an example of what Feynman referred to as human idiocy in blog posts to

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Mohammad Saad Zaghloul Salem now falsely claims: “…there is no single pattern of information input to neurons…”

I have detailed the pattern that links quantized energy as information from biophysically constrained viral latency to healthy longevity. The pattern links the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA to all pathology.

See: Nutrient-dependent Pheromone-Controlled Ecological Adaptations: From Angstroms to Ecosystems

Mohammad Saad Zaghloul Salem wrote:

Comment on roles of proteins in mediation of intellectual brain functions

Since proteins are the direct effective mediators of all life activities in living cells, whether acting as catalytic/structural/signaling or regulatory biomolecules, hypotheses concerning their presumed roles in development and execution of intellectual brain functions seem quite reasonable. However, refining some of the basic postulations of these hypotheses is mandatory in view of the vague mechanisms of action attributed to proteins in this respect. The statement that proteins can store information is exceedingly puzzling and hard to conceive for many reasons.

First: there is no single pattern of information input to neurons, some data are perceived as electric impulses, some data are caused by, and recognized as, biochemical alterations, and some data are generated in response to endogenous and/or external physical changes. Still, the sources and nature of responses concerning the unexplainable features and the characteristic mysterious aspects of human behavior and demeanor, like emotions/imaginations/affections, are hard or even impossible to explain within materialistic contexts of laws of physics and chemistry.

Second: the instantaneous nature of cognitive or intellectual responses of the brain to some peculiar forms of external stimuli, visual or auditory stimuli for instance, can not be accounted for by the concomitant dynamic changes in protein conformation presumed to be responsible for eliciting/recalling/interpreting or realization of these responses. This assumption might be applicable for stimuli elicited by biochemical changes inside or outside the neuron in response to certain types of stimuli, e.g., metabolic alterations. Dynamic changes in protein conformation are, relatively, time consuming processes and are hard to accept as sole effectors of instantaneous cognitive or impulsive responses to many types of external stimuli that need multi-stage processing mechanisms before their conveyance, perception and interpretation by the brain.

Third: protein denaturation, a continuously occurring deleterious structural conformational change of proteins inside all living cells, in response to detrimental damaging factors like oxidative stress/radiation induced damage/metabolic alterations etc., can explain, at least in part, many abnormal states of intellectual impairment, cognitive regression, and memory defects like forgetting/amnesia/memory distortion. Prompt degradation of denatured proteins to their constituent amino acids by specific autolytic enzyme systems in the cell occurs leading to selective deficiencies of denatured proteins. However, in normal healthy conditions, balanced compensatory replacement of deficient or defective proteins by the genome restores and maintains the integrity and efficiency of these higher mental processes. Occurrence or persistence of these abnormalities in absence of underlying genetic defects or absence of evidence of deficient compensatory replacement of degraded proteins, however, points to possible participation and involvement of other factors in mechanisms responsible for storage and processing of information by the brain.

Re: “…proteins in mediation of intellectual brain functions…”

I warned him to stop his attempts to obfuscate the facts I have detailed on my FB page “RNA-mediated” .

Light-activated microRNA biogenesis and the creation of RNA mediate the species-specific availability of quantized energy, which is biophysically constrained in food. The metabolism of food to pheromones mediates species-specific protection from virus-driven pathology via naturally occurring RNA interference, which biophysically constrains viral latency.

I’m relatively certain, he will not stop. Instead, he will probably increase the severity of his obfuscation with posts of increasing length that make it seem that their is controversy among serious scientists. That is a tactic of many biologically uninformed theorists.

Author: James Kohl

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