Human Pheromones

Human Pheromones

Scent of Eros products unsolicited 5-minute video testimony and twin test

Scent of Eros products contain human pheromones. Like other products that may or may not contain human pheromones, they are not aphrodisiacs — despite their very positive representation in this promotional video, which was produced without my knowledge.

Scent of Eros products have a very positive influence on other people, which is a great thing to promote.  It’s just best not to get too carried away by claims of magical effects. My focus has always been on accurate representations of scientific information about human pheromones, and my focus has not changed since I acquired this domain in 1996. You’ve probably already seen the misrepresentations, so I hope you will take a brief look at the information on this site. The complexity of the concept is more than what most people will grasp — unless they are specialists. However, you need not grasp the complexity to have fun using products that contain human pheromones, like those marketed here.


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