How to Profit from Suffering and Death (3)

Cellular survival over genomic perfection 11/15/19

Comprehensive DNA quality control pathways are therefore considered crucial to preserving genomic health.

Femtosecond blast of UV light were linked to DNA repair in: UV-Induced Charge Transfer States in DNA Promote Sequence Selective Self-Repair 1/13/16

The energy-as-information approach via Schrodinger (1944) What is Life, led to the claim from Dependence of RNA synthesis in isolated thymus nuclei on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism and a type of “oxidative phosphorylation” (1964)

The synthesis of RNA in isolated thymus nuclei is ATP dependent.

Most human populations will probably not survive another 55 years of human idiocy. The Harvard Business Model exemplifies human idiocy.

The Harvard Business Model focuses on obfuscation of top-down causation to promoted drug development rather than energy-dependent microRNA-mediated biophysically constrained viral latency and healthy longevity. The invention of new terms consistently helps to obfuscate what is known about links from the Creation of sunlight and water to oxygen-dependent ecological adaptations. The Harvard Business Model  places adaptations back into the context of ridiculous theories to prevent advances that are made by serious scientists.

For example, see this advance: Microbe–MUC1 Crosstalk in Cancer-Associated Infections 11/18/19

…we summarize the mechanisms of microbe and MUC1 interactions, and highlight how MUC1 plays contrasting roles in different cells. We also share perspectives on future research that may support clinical advances in infection-associated cancers.

The crosstalk is energy-dependent and microRNA-mediated

That fact was reported as: Article proposes important mucin link between microbial infections and many cancers 11/18/19 (with my emphasis)

It is generally known that viruses, with their cell-invading capabilities, can be responsible for a number of different cancers.

The conclusion was somewhat comical:

“Rather than only studying mucins in already transformed cancer cells, we need to be studying them before the cells transform and see what is going on. The work being done on the cancer side needs to be connected with the work on the bacterial side, and the role of infection in triggering inflammation.”

Simply put, Pinku Mukherjee who is reported to be a “Distinguished Professor of Cancer Research and chair of UNC Charlotte’s Department of Biological Sciences,” suggests that biologically uninformed science idiots and other pseudoscientists should link everything known to all serious scientists about energy-dependent biophysically constrained viral latency to healthy longevity.

Pseudoscientists are not likely to do that. They have their ridiculous positions to defend.

See: An Immune System Trained to Kill Cancer 9/12/11

Biologically uninformed science idiots who failed to link the Creation of sunlight and water to all oxygen-dependent ecological adaptations via microRNA-mediated biophysically constrained viral latency are forced to regurgitate nonsense from the past in attempt to keep the focus on mutation-driven evolution.

See for comparison: Key questions about the checkpoint blockade-are microRNAs an answer?  (May, 2018)

We consider that in the near future microRNAs could become important therapeutic partners of the immune checkpoint therapy.

Researchers from Israel patented the microRNA-mediated effective treatment for all cancers on 12/25/18.

Methods and compositions for identifying a peptide having an intermolecular interaction with a target of interest

See also their “Proof of concept

On 1/17/19 Researchers from Iran asked Why have microRNA biomarkers not been translated from bench to clinic?

On 11/11/19, the link from God’s Creation of sunlight and water to all oxygen-dependent microRNA-mediated healthy longevity was reported as mRNA structure regulates protein expression through changes in functional half-life

The light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex is the only known link from the Creation of water to the oxygen-dependent biophysically constrained structure of supercoiled DNA in all aerobic life on Earth.

For comparison to Creationists who start with God’s Creation of sunlight and water, you can’t trust anyone who supports the pseudoscientific nonsense touted by academics who taught students in public schools to believe in mutation-driven evolution.

Drain the academic swamp, and the political swamp will go down the drain with it.

The alternative is to let the Harvard Business Model continue to contribute to the death of us all for profit.

See:  Get Well in the RNAi Way-RNAi, A Billion Dollar Baby in Therapy “RNAi has targeted exogenous genes in models of viral infection…” See also the patent application for biophysically constrained viral latency:

RNA-Guided Human Genome Engineering

  1. “Repetitive elements or endogenous viral elements can be targeted… in microbes, plants, animals, or human cells to reduce deleterious transposition… (in which nearly identical copies can be problematic).”

See also:  Turning “Dark Matter” of the Genome into RNA Drugs

They claimed they would

“…present current advancements in the exciting field of non-coding RNA, cover the diversity of RNA species (e.g., microRNA, transfer RNA, enhancer RNA, etc.), and highlight the promise of translating RNA research into new classes of therapeutics for diseases ranging from cardiovascular to cancer to neurodegenerative.”

Their bastardization of facts is clear when placed into the context of how the Harvard Business Model is linked to obfuscation of the facts in patented cures.

The patent for the RNA interference-mediated cure for all virus-driven pathology incorporates the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex without attribution to the Creator of sunlight and water, which has been linked to oxygen-dependent adaptations.

For comparison see a seminar on how RNA structure regulates splicing 10/8/19 by Silvi Rouskin

See also: Silvi Rouskin, specifically Causal signals between codon bias, mRNA structure, and the efficiency of translation and elongation for information on energy-dependent codon usage bias; elongation; mRNA structure; translation efficiency

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