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Science Is Not Fake News 11/29/18 10:30 am Starts With A Bang/Ethan Siegel

Whenever you realize that something’s wrong with your body — when you find that you’re sick or injured — you turn into a detective. Many of us run through a list of possible causes, based both on our personal experience and on all the information we can gather from the internet. No matter how much information we gather ourselves, however, that’s no substitute for actually going to the doctor. That’s no substitute for doing the actual, critical tests that will determine what’s going on with your body.

James Kohl

There is no substitute for a 40 year long career as a medical laboratory scientist. I could never be taught to believe in any pseudoscientific nonsense or ridiculous theories.

Starts With A Bang

Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.

James Kohl

You have long stood as an example of someone who touts pseudoscientific nonsense about the emergence of energy and neo-Darwinian evolution.

You have done it during a time when all serious scientists have linked light-activated microRNA biogenesis from biophysically constrained viral latency to the physiology of reproduction and healthy longevity via what organisms eat.

If he was not still dead, Feynman would use you as an example of human idiocy.

Starts With A Bang

I have been very generous about letting you post whatever you want on my page.

Keep insulting me and doing your own self-promotion all you want, but keep it off my page. You’re dangerously close to getting banned.

There is enough awfulness and vitriol in the world (and on Facebook) without you adding to it.

James Kohl

Thanks. Indeed, you have been very generous. Please accept my apology. I’m certain that you may now lead the way forward for others to stop touting their nonsense, and greatly appreciate you for calling attention to the role that medical professionals like me have played in diagnostic medicine.

Re; “…no substitute for actually going to the doctor. That’s no substitute for doing the actual, critical tests that will determine what’s going on with your body.”

The tests performed by medical laboratory scientists have been linked to ~70% of the ability of physicians to make an accurate diagnosis. I never reported a result that was based on any theory. And now, rather than self-promote, there are more than 80,000 indexed published works on microRNAs.

If I can help you to report on what’s known about biophysically constrained viral latency, let me know.

Thanks again.

Less than 4 hours later, Ethan Siegel published this pseudoscientific nonsense to the same source of misinformation.

We Just Measured All The Starlight In The Universe, And It Spells Doom For Our Future 11/29/18 02:20 pm

When you form stars, a lot of interesting things happen.

  1. The molecular cloud that collapses to form them gets ionized by the ultraviolet light produced by these new stars.
  2. A special type of radiation appears: emission lines, as electrons fall back onto the ionized atomic nuclei.
  3. This starlight travels through the Universe, interacting with all the atoms they encounter, resulting in an absorption signature.
  4. And the light has a probability of interacting with gamma-rays, which are the highest energy photons, to produce new particles: electron-positron pairs.

Previously, I asked Ethan (Starts with a Bang) Siegel: “Where does the difference in the energy of two photons come from?”

“…two photons are indeed exchanged during electron-proton interactions. However, unlike the theoretical predictions, analysis of the OLYMPUS measurements suggests that, most of the time, only one of the photons has high energy, while the other must carry very little energy indeed…

I also asked Ethan:

“How can you avoid the ridicule of all serious scientists when you start with protons and link subatomic particles from the creation of sunlight to all biodiversity on Earth.”

See also:

Ethan Siegel

It’s 2018 and I can’t believe this needs to be said, but clearly it does. Science is our best description of reality. Calling it “fake news” is literally disbelieving reality.

This is not a new problem; science has always been politicized. By whom? By the people with something to lose if the public is actually informed and knowledgeable.

James Kohl

Thanks for that revelation.

Theorists lost it all when the creation of subatomic particles was linked from cytosis to biophysically constrained viral latency and healthy longevity for ages 10+. See: Subatomic and Cytosis

Ethan Siegel

But tweets like this help us all: they make us realize that we are not saying or writing these statements alone. We are all in the fight for truth and reality together.

James Kohl

Thanks. I thought you were fighting on the other side.

See: Dependence of RNA synthesis… on glycolysis, oxidative carbohydrate catabolism and a type of “oxidative phosphorylation” (1964)

“The synthesis of RNA in isolated thymus nuclei is ATP dependent.”

Ethan Siegel

We Just Measured All The Starlight In The Universe, And It Spells Doom For Our Future

At last, we know how many total photons exist in our Universe thanks to stars, and how much energy they have. Way to go, @NASAFermi and the Fermi-LAT Collaboration!

In less than 4 hours, Ethan Siegel went from the value of medical laboratory testing, which I placed into the context of RNA synthesis, to the unadulterated pseudoscientific nonsense about how  “When you form stars…” and how we know how many total photons exist in our Universe. Then, he linked how much energy the stars have to our doom, without telling anyone where the difference in the energy of two photons comes from.

For comparison, in the context of medical laboratory testing, scientists have linked the difference in the energy of two photons from differences in the potential of hydrogen (pH) to all differences in all individuals of all living genera via the physiology of reproduction, which is the source of all food energy-dependent biodiversity on Earth.

I’ve detailed the facts about how light-activated microRNA biogenesis biophysically constrains pheromone-controlled virus-driven pathology in species from microbes to humans.  But, people like me cannot compete with biologically uninformed science idiots, like Ethan Siegel. He has a much larger and more established target audience of other theorists who probably believe everything they are told, as long as they are not told the facts.

Therefore, after telling them the facts about the role of medical laboratory scientists in diagnostic medicine, Ethan Siegel and others like him, need only bury the facts with more pseudoscientific nonsense. And, that is what he did.

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