From Wuhan to you (4)

The biophysically constrained growth of an “Angel Trumpet” in a glass of water on a sunlit windowsill exemplifies what is known to all serious scientists about how oxidative phosphorylation protects life from the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA.

See for details:  Gut microbiome…related to human personality traits (2020) links food odors, pheromones and feedback loops  from the physiology of reproduction to microbiome diversity across kingdoms and to social interactions in primates/humans.

More than 23 years after our review of RNA-mediated cell type differentiation, she claims this is:

…the first study to find a link between sociability and microbiome diversity in humans and follows on from similar findings in primates which have shown that social interactions can promote gut microbiome diversity.

The fact that food odors link the physiology of pheromone-controlled reproduction to biophysically constrained viral latency and prevention of the new coronavirus pathology from Wuhan via transgenerational epigenetic inheritance goes without mention.

If George M. Church et al., had not patented light-activated carbon fixation as the link from RNA interference to prevention of all pathology, no one would know that the new coronavirus in Wuhan pathology exemplifies human idiocy.

In a world of mind-blind atheism from China to the greed of researchers in the USA like Charles M. Lieber, you must follow the money to arrive at scientific truths and Biblical Truths, which all serious scientists know are the same.

Structural diversity of supercoiled DNA exemplifies the Truth that base pairs and our genes did not create themselves via natural selection and beneficial mutations. The joke’s on dead or dying atheists in China. See for comparison:

See 11/17/16 Obama Advisers Urge Action Against CRISPR Bioterror Threat 11/17/16 and the consequences of genetically modified rice.

See also: Sci-fi author Greg Bear tells Jon about the not-so-distant future of technology and helping Homeland Security.

The jokes are not funny anymore, and President Donald J. Trump knows they never were.

Author: James Kohl

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