Facts about microRNAs embarrass US researchers (1)

Double-edged effects of noncoding RNAs in responses to environmental genotoxic insults: Perspectives with regards to molecule-ecology network

Molecular-ecological network (MEN) insights into the underlying mechanisms regarding genotoxicant exposure and genotoxic effects have been linked from light-activated microRNA biogenesis in plants and the physiology of reproduction to healthy longevity via biophysically constrained viral latency in species from microbes to humans.

On 1/17/19, researchers from Iran asked: Why have microRNA biomarkers not been translated from bench to clinic?

The answer is obvious. Evolutionists refuse to accept this fact. The creation of the sun and the creation of ATP are required for upregulation of microRNAs. The creation of energy is the starting point that serious scientists have linked to the future of medicine by anyone who has ever claimed “You are what you eat,” or made any similar claim no matter how technical the claim may have seemed.

“You are what you eat” links the present from the past to the future of all answers that will come from the integration of physics, chemistry, and biology.

Some of the answers to the  question about the energy-dependent creation of microRNAs have not been polite:

Some researchers have used ridicule to answer the question in the context of energy-dependent changes in base pairs and microRNA flanking sequences:

I’ve established domains and FB pages and used publications, presentations, interviews and more than 11,500 tweets in attempts to convey this fact:

In the USA, the focus changed from the energy-dependent diet-driven upregulation of microRNAs and the physiology of reproduction to the degradation of messenger RNA, which is caused by the nutrient stress-linked and the social stress-linked virus-driven downregulakion of miRNAs.

The downregulation of microRNAs links the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA to mutations, loss of function, and all pathology.

There is money to be made by those who treat pathology. There is very little money to be made by those who prevent it. Profiles that link food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled biophysically constrained viral latency from fixation of amino acid substitutions to prevention of pathology or to effective treatments have been available for several years.

See for example:

Alphagenomix download a sample report, link opens pdf

Personalized medicine is typically not practiced in the United States of America. It’s not worth it to anyone except the patients who are suffering unnecessarily and dying prematurely.

Author: James Kohl

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