Evolved suffering and death caused by statistical significance

They used used a test for statistical significance in cytokine levels instead of linking differences in the energy-dependent microRNA/messenger RNA balance to all biodiversity via light-activated microRNA biogenesis and biophysically constrained viral latency.

Statistical significance caused the unnecessary suffering and premature death of John McCain and many other Vietnam veterans with glioblastoma who could have been effectively treated with microRNA-mediated therapy or a change in diet (i.e., naturally occurring RNA-guided human genome engineering).

See: Reduced expression of brain-enriched microRNAs in glioblastomas permits targeted regulation of a cell death gene (2011): 

See for comparison: microRNA cytokines

In a world where top-down causation has repeatedly been linked from quantum physics and chemistry to biophysically constrained viral latency at every level of investigation, I loathe the fact that theorists are still publishing nonsense like this:

Beyond the classical thermodynamic contributions to hydrogen atom abstraction reactivity

Various (metallo)enzymes performing the HAA [Hydrogen atom abstraction] catalysis evolved in nature…

See for comparison: The eternal significance of microRNAs (10),9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2

Author: James Kohl

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