Evolution in bunches (of beneficial mutations)

Evolution picks up hitchhikers  Medical Xpress from July 22, 2013

Excerpt: “Evolution occurs when an individual experiences spontaneous beneficial mutations in its genome that improve its ability to adapt to its environment.”

My comment: No, it does not! (I would not have commented, but I see that the comments of others are, as always, ridiculous)

The epigenetic landscape becomes the physical landscape of DNA via nutrient-dependent pheromone-controlled adaptive evolution in species from microbes to man. That fact should become even clearer now that others have discovered what’s due to the nutrient-dependent thermodynamic control of seemingly futile cycles in yeasts leads to organism-level thermoregulation in entire populations via the degradation of proteins to species-specific pheromones (sans mutations theory).

Those who continue to buy into the bastardization of Darwin’s theory probably need to view Denis Noble’s presidential address at the IUPS conference last week. These researchers may also need to see it so they quit referring to what’s nutrient-dependent and pheromone-controlled as mutations.

Author: James Kohl

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