Epigenetic effects cause biological embedding

Earlier this evening I attended the “Genetic Models Social: Probing Genomes, Behavior, and Disease, which was chaired by Marnie E. Halpern. Of the 30-40 others who attended, none had ever before heard the term “biological embedding.” What that suggests to me is that the embedding does not occur in the genome, and if not, it is not biological. See for example a link that appears to make epigenetic effects akin to biological embedding, which makes biological sense because the epigenetic effects are on intracellular signaling and stochastic gene expression as is required to link them to genetically predisposed behavior.

Epigenetic Clues to the Biological Embedding of Early Life Adversity by PO McGowan Jul 1, 2012 – Biological Psychiatry, Volume 72, Issue 1, Pages 4-5, 1 July 2012, Authors:Patrick O. McGowan.

Author: James Kohl

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