Dinosaur beaks to bird brains

Posted: 02 Dec 2013 01:21 PM PST

Why beaks evolved in some theropod dinosaurs and what their function might have been is the subject of new research by an international team of palaeontologists.

Excerpt: This new study reveals that keratinous beaks played an important role in stabilizing the skeletal structure during feeding, making the skull less susceptible to bending and deformation.

Edentulism, beaks, and biomechanical innovations in the evolution of theropod dinosaurs

Excerpt: However,several skeletal traits and adaptations, gradually acquired within distinct clades of Maniraptoriformes, appear to have been induced by or sparked dietary diversification (4).

Synopsis of the article:

Birds supposedly evolved from dinosaurs but not all extant bird species fly. However, all of them eat. Dinosaur beaks and bird beaks enable them to eat.

Like all other vertebrates, birds produce pheromones that control their reproduction. That fact suggests natural selection in dinosaurs and birds is for food and sexual selection is for pheromones. That fact is also supported by overwhelming experimental evidence. It refutes anything associated with mutation-driven evolution in dinosaurs to birds, or in microbes to man.

Author: James Kohl

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