Diagnosis: 120 years of human idiocy

Case Report: Woman With Headache Pain, Dizziness, and Nausea

Diagnosis: Soy-induced migraine headaches and allergies

See for comparison: A Case of Hystero-Epilepsy Simulating “Status Epilepticus.” (1897) and Epigenetic changes in status epilepticus (2018)

The mediators include DNA methylation, posttranslational modification of histone proteins, and noncoding RNAs. The present review focuses on recent findings showing epigenetic processes influence susceptibility to and severity of status epilepticus, while status epilepticus in turn drives changes to epigenetic marks that affect the gene expression landscape underlying epileptogenesis.

Scientific progress during the past 120 years linked light-activated microRNA biogenesis to epileptogenesis and to the virus-driven genesis of all pathology. Many other examples of diet-driven epigenetically-effected illnesses have been linked to what people eat. That is because what organisms eat is the link from the creation of sunlight to plant growth and food energy is linked to biophysically constrained viral latency in species from microbes to humans.

See: Virus-mediated archaeal hecatomb in the deep seafloor (2016) for comparison to The Brain-Microbiome Axis: Links Between Neurological Disease and Microbiota (2018)

Do you know of any other examples that link the overwhelming ignorance of how what organisms eat links epigenetically effected biophysically constrained viral latency to 120 years of misdiagnoses?

Author: James Kohl

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