Dating rocks or mating for biodiversity?

To the antagonists on Ken Wolgemuth’s Facebook page:

Light-activated microRNA biogenesis links the creation of the sun from the physiology of reproduction to all biodiversity on Earth. Continue to denigrate me and my works, if you think what you know about rocks is more important than what I know about the light-activated creation of all biodiversity.

For example:  Gorillas have been infected with the HERV-K (HML-2) endogenous retrovirus much more recently than humans and chimpanzees

That means gorillas descended from humans. The more recent virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA can be linked from what the first humans ate to all pathology in all individuals of all living genera.

See: Analysis of 6,515 exomes reveals the recent origin of most human protein-coding variants

Reported as: Past 5,000 years prolific for changes to human genome

The findings confirm their earlier work suggesting that the majority of variants, including potentially harmful ones, were picked up during the past 5,000–10,000 years.

See also:L-form bacteria, chronic diseases and the origins of life (2016)

…lack of a wall can be advantageous in a range of production or strain improvement applications. Finally, L-forms provide an interesting model system for studying early steps in the evolution of cellular life. This article is part of the themed issue ‘The new bacteriology’.

Perhaps geologists can get somewhere by linking the new bacteriology to the new geology. They could invent more theories that exclude the creation of sunlight (aka energy as information).

However, the more recent origin of endogenous retroviruses in gorillas clearly attests to the fact that “The present is the key to the past” is not a platitude.

It correctly represents what is known to all serious scientists about the Virus-mediated archaeal hecatomb in the deep seafloor. 

I reiterate: That means gorillas descended from humans.

1/10/19 Bee Bednář 

This is extremely close to the dumbest statement I have ever read. Then, I guess you have to reverse things to make sure your beliefs fit your non-existent science.

I’m surprised it took so long for that fact to get noticed by other biologically uninformed theorists.

See: Eukaryotic plankton diversity in the sunlit ocean

You’re right. If you start with the Creation of the sun, you need to reverse every claim ever made about millions of years of evolution. Only pathology (aka disease) has evolved.

Typically, organisms ecologically adapt via energy-dependent changes in the microRNAome, which are biophysically constrained by the physiology of reproduction in the context of polycombic chromosomal rearrangements, which are food energy-dependent.

For example: Estrogen receptor α polymorphism in a species with alternative behavioral phenotypes

Two fixed differences among 597 amino acids drive a Val73Ile and Ala552Thr (valine to alanine) polymorphism in ZAL2m that distinguish its morphological and behavioral phenotype from ZAL2.

The rearrangements prevent the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA, which serious scientists have linked from Biblical Prophesy to all biodiversity on Earth via sympatric speciation (cooperation among different populations and different species).

Unfortunately, most biologically uninformed theorists still won’t admit that they ignored all this. Most still claim that the amino acids automagically ‘evolved.’

See: A universal trend of amino acid gain and loss in protein evolution

Amino acid composition of proteins varies substantially between taxa and, thus, can evolve.(2005)

See for comparison: Riding the Evolution Paradigm Shift With Eugene Koonin (2015)

Koonin was among those who repeatedly asserted the claim that amino acids evolve, but 10 years later he claimed:

The entire evolution of the microbial world and the virus world, and the interaction between microbes and viruses and other life forms have been left out of the Modern Synthesis…

Who else is cooperating with serious scientists who have not left out what is known about the interaction between microbes and viruses and other life forms?

Koonin has gone back to touting the pseudoscientific nonsense about evolutionary genomics: Viruses of archaea: Structural, functional, environmental and evolutionary genomics

These findings, combined with the recent discovery that archaeal viruses mediate a rapid turnover of thaumarchaea in the deep sea ecosystems, illuminate the prominent role of these viruses in the biosphere. Finally, we discuss the origins and evolution of archaeal viruses and emphasize the evolutionary relationships between viruses and non-viral mobile genetic elements. Further exploration of the archaeal virus diversity as well as functional studies on diverse virus-host systems are bound to uncover novel, unexpected facets of the archaeal virome.

The unexpected facets of the archaeal virome exemplify the lack of cooperation between biologically uninformed theorists who can be compared to God-less Communists.

For an example of cooperation among God-less Communists and scientific creationists, see: North and South Korea team up to tackle TB and malaria

…if border restrictions are lifted, the viral infections, such as influenza, that are more common in South Korea will start to hit especially hard in North Korea, where immunity is low and suppressed by malnutrition…

Do you see the problem here? Christians are behaving like God-less Communists at a time when the God-less Communists are cooperating with Christians who are scientific creationists. Who but the Devil himself could have arranged for the lack of cooperation between people like Ken Wolgemuth and Henry Morris IV?

Ken Wolgemuth may not realize the problem with radiometric dating. It’s is a measurement. The problem with people who have measurements and rocks in their head is that “Physiology is rocking the foundations of evolutionary biology.

Perhaps the elegant mathematics and the extraordinary reputation of the scientists involved blinded us to what now seems obvious: the organism should never have been relegated to the role of mere carrier of its genes.

Genes are not carried by rocks. That explains why Ken Wolgemuth does not discuss genetics or epigenetics, and why his theories have no explanatory power whatsoever. Is he merely pretending to be the devil’s advocate?

See for comparison:

Disabled were walking again, the blind were seeing again, and the death rose from the grave. 2013 was the year in which prophesy from the bible became reality.” — De Correspondent dec 2013

See also:

The complaints now include:

He posted a flurry of comments about microRNA that have nothing to do with the subject of this thread: the Grand Canyon.
It seems to me to be part of some action by YECs where they hijack a thread and move the discussion away from the original subject to the standard YEC points.

The subject is OEC vs YEC and the biological facts support YEC. Geologists who know nothing about the biological facts cannot be expected to understand why someone like me would attempt to discuss facts. Those who refuse to inform themselves discuss dating rocks as if the “date” would lead to successful mating via the physiology of reproduction.

Light-activated microRNA biogenesis links the creation of the sun from the physiology of reproduction to all biodiversity on Earth. I’ve invited everyone to continue to denigrate me and my works, especially if they think what’s known about rocks is more important than what’s known about the light-activated creation of all biodiversity.

In case you missed something obvious, see: Feedback loops link odor and pheromone signaling with reproduction (co-authored by Nobel Laureate, Linda Buck)

See also: Beyond the west: Chemosignaling of emotions transcends ethno-cultural boundaries

The citations to Darwin (1872) and Stevenson (2010) link Stevenson’s citation to my work to Darwin’s “conditions of life” (1859)

Of all areas of human olfactory function, the role of smell in reproductive behavior has consistently attracted the most popular attention (e.g., Hassett 1978; Kohl and Francoeur 1995)

The worst part of the displays of ignorance here is the contribution many have made to unnecessary suffering and premature death. See: (1994) [Pheromonal regulation of genetic processes: research on the house mouse (Mus musculus L.)]

Ken Wolgemuth doesn’t want to discuss genetics. But as all intelligent people have learned, pheromones control interorganism systems of genetic regulation. If I was a biologically uninformed geologist who learned that, I wouldn’t discuss it, either.

Thank God, I’m not one of THEM. They are killing people with their ignorance.

For example:  Radiometric dating (often called radioactive dating) is a way to find out how old something is. The method compares the amount of a naturally occurring radioactive isotope and its decay products, in samples. The method uses known decay rates.[2]

For comparison: The virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA has been linked from mutations to all pathology. If you use the term ‘decay’ in that context the ‘decay’ can be linked from the negative supercoiling of DNA to mutations and loss of genes. The loss of genes linked the virus-driven degradation/decay from mutations to all pathology.

All intelligent serious scientists have learned what can be explained by measurements for comparison to what can be explained by the facts linked to energy-dependent biodiversity.

Some are not polite:

I pray that God’s patience is not wearing thin, because mine is. I have a very limited tolerance for displays of human idiocy.

As a medical laboratory scientist, I am not limited to an approach from one or two disciplines. Theorists and most theologians have not included anything known about the differences in the energy of photons, which is why their “mind-blind” representations of pseudoscientific nonsense are so irritating.

Kevin Nelstead wrote:

As a geologist, I am not limited to one discipline either. We draw on chemistry, physics, biology, climatology, oceanography, astronomy, and many more fields of study. Geology is truly a multidisciplinary field. I don’t normally use phrases like “pseudoscientific nonsense” even for the guy in the next cubicle who believes in sasquatch, or for my YEC brothers and sisters in Christ, because I’m a nice guy, and because I view them as created in the image of God, even if they are wrong. But I am willing to say that almost nothing in YEC geology works, and that it is bad science.

He is entitled to be wrong. OEC only works if you start with nothing and link it to everything by ignoring facts. The facts link the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA in primates and bacteria from the creation of archaea and L-forms to nothing (no life at all) via the history of extinctions.

Geologists have failed to include quantum physics, which link the creation of subatomic particles from changes in electrons and photons to all light-activated biophysically constrained biodiversity.  The virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA links all of biodiversity to nothing when L-forms, cells without walls, are degraded.

The epic failure of geologists and other pseudoscientists to place creation and the virus-driven death of all biodiversity was predicted in the Bible. But, geologists are among the pompous asses that that do not know what’s true and what is based on ridiculous theories. They are also among the least likely to admit that their ridiculous theories aren’t true.

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