Copulins: Human pheromones effect physiology and affect social behavior

Finally, there’s news for women interested in pheromone enhancement. We showed that the active ingredients in Scent of Eros for Men increased women’s flirtatious behavior and self-reported level of attraction in the poster available here: Human pheromones, epigenetics, physiology, and the development of animal behavior. A poster presentation at this week’s XXI BIENNIAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON HUMAN ETHOLOGY VIENNA/AUSTRIA is reported and linked below:

Human pheromones: Do “copulins” have an effect on men`s testosterone levels and social behavior? (SFA) Xenia Steinbach, Elisabeth Oberzaucher, Karl Grammer

Excerpted from the abstract: This study indicates that copulins affect males both in physiology and behavioral response.

My comment: So far as I know, the copulin formula is the same one used in Scent of Eros for Women. It originated with work by RP Michael et al., which Astrid Juette worked with  under the professorship of Karl Grammer — as detailed in a 1997 presentation at the International Symposium on Olfaction and Taste XII and AChemS XIX.

We added androstenol (and fragrance) to the formula for its positive influence on the woman who wears it. I had no idea it would take this long for replication of the original work, but am glad to see it presented and hope to see it published soon.

For more information on my award-winning work with others from Vienna, including Karl Grammer, the co-presenter of this latest information, see Human pheromones: integrating neuroendocrinology and ethology.

You may also be interested in the slides from my 2010 International Society for Human Ethology presentation.

If you’re still struggling to find accurate representations of what can be done with pheromone-enhancement, you’re in the right place.  As you can see, the links to actual studies and reviews can be followed, as opposed to the wild-goose-chase you’re led on trying to find support for the claims of marketers who are not associated with or Scent of Eros products.



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