Confidently wrong about evolution (2)

My comment: Why isn’t the question: Does Francis Collins believe that mutation-driven evolution is responsible for Mosaic Copy Number Variation in Human Neurons? His answer could be compared to the answer I think I would get from an atheist. Do atheists believe that the human brain mutated into existence?  Is there a model for that?

Excerpt: “Theists are in a kind of perpetual retreat as science continues to fill gaps that theists have insisted could only be filled by God.”

That opinion, like all opinions about theists, cannot be substantiated. Opinions like it should be viewed only in the context of the nonsensical ramblings that they obviously are. They can then be compared to what is known about conserved molecular mechanisms. For example, see:


“I’m trying to undo a mistake I made some years ago, and rethink the idea that the way to understand the mind is to take it apart into simpler minds and then take those apart into still simpler minds until you get down to minds that can be replaced by a machine…

The idea is basically right, but when I first conceived of it, I made a big mistake.” — Daniel Dennett

My comment on Dennett’s mistake and Collins’ belief.

It seems unlikely to me that anyone besides Collins could tell us what he believes. It is equally unlikely that anyone besides Dennett will admit that Dennett made a mistake. Why is someone else answering the question: Does NIH Head Francis Collins Believe in Intelligent Design?

If they think they are qualified to answer for Collins, perhaps they will next also answer for Dennett’s mistake and again be confidently wrong like Dennett was.

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Author: James Kohl

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