Catch 22: Democrats lose it all

Catch 22: a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent conditions.

Whether or not they support President Trump and his administration no longer makes much difference. Antagonists who become supporters to get re-elected will be exposed, and those who continue not to support the Trump administration may be viewed as a threat to Homeland Security.

For example, Christine Blasey Ford’s publication history provides clear evidence of that threat.

See: Blasey C Stanford

For example: Psychological Flexibility and Set-Shifting Among Veterans Participating in a Yoga Program: A Pilot Study.

In a small uncontrolled sample, psychological flexibility and set-shifting predicted changes in PTSD symptoms in veterans participating in a clinical yoga program, which supports findings from prior research. Future research should include an active comparison group and record frequency of yoga practiced outside formal sessions.

See for comparison: Petrov DA Stanford

Example: Hidden Complexity of Yeast Adaptation under Simple Evolutionary Conditions

These results reveal hidden complexities of the adaptive process even under ostensibly simple evolutionary conditions, in which fitness gains can accrue during time spent in a growth phase with little cell division, and reveal that the memory of those gains can be realized in the subsequent growth cycle.

The conserved molecular mechanisms of ecological adaptations link energy-dependent changes to the microRNA/messenger RNA balance and all morphological and behavioral phenotypes in species from microbes to humans. What then can be said about the use of yoga therapy in veterans who are suffering from virus-driven PTSD?

For comic relief see: Sci-fi author Greg Bear tells Jon about the not-so-distant future of technology and helping Homeland Security.

Anyone who checks their facts with intelligent people in the lab, will have what may be a life or death advantage.

In either case, the corruption of politicians who are elected (or re-elected) will be closely monitored by informed constituents and they will be impeached, perhaps due to only one allegation of sexual assault or taking money from pharmaceutical manufacturers or those who market vaccines to an unsuspecting public.

It amazes me to see President Donald Trump set the stage for his opponents to repeatedly fail as they continue not to recognize the traps they set for themselves. Give them enough rope, or give them more than enough. In either case, their influence will be minimized.

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“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!” (Sir Walter Scott, 1808).


Author: James Kohl

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