Scientific evidence continues to validate the concept of human pheromones as it was first portrayed for a general readership in The Scent of Eros: Mysteries of Odor in Human Sexuality (1995). The 2002 book revision updates what is known about human pheromones, and includes information available before July, 2002. The following information, including more recent works, which add to knowledge about human pheromones, is available for researchers or others who share an interest in the growing body of knowledge about the role of pheromones in behavior.

It has become clear that human pheromones affect us more than most people can imagine. Our knowledge of visual input, and of how vision might influence our sexual preferences, pales by comparison. During this decade, many more people will learn that our sexual preferences are driven in the same manner as it is in all mammals: directly via olfaction and pheromones, and only indirectly by pheromonal associations with visual input. This knowledge will help to predict/explain behaviors, and help to resolve problematic behaviors.

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