Anthony S. Fauci refutes theistic evolution

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Durable Control of HIV Infection in the Absence of Antiretroviral Therapy: Opportunities and ObstaclesDurable Control of HIV Infection in the Absence of Antiretroviral TherapyDurable Control of HIV Infection in the Absence of Antiretroviral Therapy (6/6/19)

Costs associated with lifelong Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) forced Anthony S. Fauci and others to examine the facts about microRNAs. Their energy-dependent creation has been linked from virucidal light to naturally occurring RNA interference and viral latency in all living genera via their eternal significance.

See the 10 part series The eternal significance of microRNAs

See also the examples of others who already have refuted theistic evolution in the context of what is known about how to link microRNAs from single base pair changes to biophysically constrained viral latency via RNA-mediated amino acid substitutions in all living genera.

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See also: The Darwin Code by Greg Bear

I learned that HERV express in significant numbers in pregnant women, producing defective viral particles apparently incapable of passing to another human host. So what were they–useless hangers-on? Genetic garbage? Instinctively, I could not believe that. I’ve always been skeptical of the idea of junk DNA, and certainly skeptical of the idea that the non-coding portions of DNA are deserts of slovenly and selfish disuse.

See also the reviews by Michael Goldman in “Nature.”

Evolution rising from the grave (2000)

Reactivation of a dormant message signals the dawn of a new humanity.

Living with the Neanderthals (2003)

He also seeks to teach readers about science, to highlight our utilitarian politics and our inability to get along with each other, and to provide a quasi-rational basis for theology and morality.

Until yesterday, Anthony S. Fauci did not try to teach anyone about Donald Trump’s rational basis for theology and morality. Instead, Fauci’s vaccine advocacy was linked to the advocacy of others, which includes those who tout the benefits of GMOs.

For a historical perspective on what caused Fauci to produce an article in JAMA the supports Donald Trump’s conservative Christian claims linked to his rational basis for theology and morality, see:

Base Editors Cause Off-Target Mutations in RNA 4/18/19
Scientists Reverse Their Controversial Findings of CRISPR’s Off-Target Effects 3/28/18
New Technique Limits CRISPR-Cas9 Off-Target Mutation 9/12/18
Technique Adapted from CRISPR-Cas9 Corrects Mutation in Human Embryoss 9/28/17

In less than two years, the nonsense about correcting mutations via gene editing turned to creating mutations because pseudoscientists failed to link the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA from mutations to all pathology. Thank God, and help Donald Trump help biologically uninformed science idiots to recognize that they can’t fix any aspect of Darwin’s “conditions of life.”

The conditions of life have not changed since the beginning of time. Organisms that don’t find enough food to eat, do not successfully reproduce. If they eat food contaminated with viruses and their offspring cannot ecologically adapt, Darwin’s claims are exemplified in The Bull Sperm MicroRNAome and the Effect of Fescue Toxicosis on Sperm MicroRNA Expression (2014).

Also see the evidence for food energy-dependent pheromone-controlled ecological adaptations in human populations of the Old World to the New World.

Environmental selection during the last ice age on the mother-to-infant transmission of vitamin D and fatty acids through breast milk

The frequency of the human-specific EDAR V370A allele appears to be uniquely elevated in North and East Asian and New World populations due to a bout of positive selection…

See also:

Autophagy.proTrump-hating advocates of vaccines + GMOs (3)

Conclusion: The obvious link from the creation of the sun’s anti-entropic virucidal energy to the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex and amino acid identity ensures the ridicule of all biologically uninformed theorists and all proponents of vaccines and all proponents of GMOs. Trump-hating advocates of vaccines + GMOs (1) Trump-hating advocates of vaccines + GMOs (2)

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