2020 National Vaccine Plan (1)

All polymaths probably know that the claims from Unified rational protein engineering with sequence-based deep representation learning 10/21/19 attest to facts about why vaccines are ineffective.

Simply put, all life is energy-dependent and the energy-dependent reassembly of viruses, which includes the reassembly of viruses in vaccines, allows the viruses to ecologically adapt to hosts faster than hosts can ecologically adapt to viruses.

The replication of viruses links viral predation to diseases. That fact was reported in the New York Times. See: A New Discovery Upends What We Know About Viruses 3/14/19

See also: Koel et al. (p. 976) show that major antigenic change can be caused by single amino acid substitutions. 11/22/13

Ecological adaptations to viruses in rotavirus vaccines exemplify ecological adaptations to influenza virus vaccines. See: Emergence of Human G2P[4] Rotaviruses in the Post-vaccination Era in South Korea: Footprints of Multiple Interspecies Re-assortment Events 4/16/18

The recent addition of  K.B. (Birgitta) Whaley, to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) brings to bear the entirety of what is known to most polymaths about how Photoactivated biological processes as quantum measurements (2015) have been linked from naturally occurring light-activated carbon fixation to Single-photon absorption by single photosynthetic light-harvesting complexes (2018), which has repeatedly been linked to prevention of viral predation.

For instance, the assembly of the  light-harvesting nanocomplexes was used to support the patent for RNA-Guided Human Genome Engineering.

Subsequently, this patent linked the light-activated assembly of the microRNA-RNA-peptide nanocomplex to the cure for all cancers.

See: Methods and compositions for identifying a peptide having an intermolecular interaction with a target of interest 12/25/18

The current National Vaccine Plan includes little or no consideration for what several different Nobel Laureates in Phyisology or Medicine, in Chemistry, and in Physics, have placed into the context of how vaccines contribute to all pathology for comparison to how it is prevented in the context of this Proof of concept.

The proof of concept links the virus-driven degradation of messenger RNA to all pathology in the context of claims made by Nobel Laureate Bernard Feringa. His claims link the Creation of sunlight from Biblical Prophesy to the cure for all diseases and to the resurrection of the dead.

See: Dynamic control of chirality and self-assembly of double-stranded helicates with light 11/7/16 and the video representation of everything known since the time that Schrodinger (1944) published “What is Life?”

Summary: The Future of Chemistry – Schrödinger at 75: The Future of Biology (video)

Disabled were walking again, the blind were seeing again, and the death rose from the grave. 2013 was the year in which prophesy from the bible became reality. — De Correspondent dec 2013

See also: Memory of recent oxygen experience switches pheromone valence in Caenorhabditis elegans 4/3/17

This nematode is adapted to a life feeding on bacteria in rotting fruit (). It has sensory receptors for odors, tastants, pheromones, and respiratory gases, as well as temperature, mechanical, and noxious cues ().

For comparison, see: System-wide Rewiring Underlies Behavioral Differences in Predatory and Bacterial-Feeding Nematodes 1/17/13

Prevention of the virus-driven predation that causes the behavioral differences is nutrient-dependent and pheromone-controlled.

See: Nutrient-dependent Pheromone-Controlled Ecological Adaptations: From Angstroms to Ecosystems 4/18/18

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Author: James Kohl

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